Residential Electrical services

Green Volt’s technicians  are extensively trained in multiple disciplines . Whether you need to upgrade your electrical system or install new wiring, our technicians will evaluate your electrical system and offer a professional opinion or suggestions so you can make an informed decision on wich route is best for you . We keep energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind when offering our services. As a professional electrical company, we provide the following services:

(EV) charging stations

As electric cars are becoming popular, we can install and repair electric vehicle charging stations. We have been installing and repairing charging stations for renowned brands, models, and makes for electric and hybrid cars. With our installation and repair services, you will save a considerable amount of money. Our technicians will check your home electrical panels and sockets to ensure they can handle the electrical load. 

Replacing Circuit Breakers

Since electricity flows through the electrical panel in your home, it plays a vital role. We replace outdated or malfunctioning circuit breakers to improve safety in your home. To mitigate risks related to out-of-code or obsolete circuit breakers, give us a call today. You do not have to take risks while safely having the circuit breaker replaced by an experienced technician.  

Lighting Fixtures  ( Replace , Add or Repair )

Replacing light fixtures to update your home, highlight a piece of art, or just refresh your space .We can install, repair or replace ceiling fans to help you cool down. Ceiling fans are the best alternative to an air conditioner if you want to cool down. They are easy to maintain, affordable to install, and save energy. Depending on your location and budget, we can install or replace ceiling fans in your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Ensuring that your electrical panels are up to code is crucial to prevent fire hazards and electrical issues. If you suspect  your electrical panels are not up-to-date, let us help you. Our technicians will provide a long-lasting solution to your safety, reduce electrical bills, and provide peace of mind.

Electrical Rewiring ( Renovations / New Construction )

We provide electrical wiring services in remodels or new constriction projects .The electrical wiring is part of the foundation of your home … getting this right is crucial to all other aspect like the flow of electricity, and ensuring your how can handle the load .

Generator Installation

A whole home r is a great  investment, especially if the electrical grid fails. We can install an permeant  generator that will automatically kick in and provide power when the power goes out . Our technicians can install a generator in your home to cater to all your power needs, including air conditioning, appliances, lights, and other gadgets. Click here to read about the benefits f whole home generator .

Swimming Pools & Spas

Are you looking to improve the ambiance of your backyard? We can transform your backyard by adding multi-colored LED fixtures or lighting. We have numerous lighting option that can transform your swimming pool or spa, to whatever vibe you want to crear . Our technicians will listen to your ideas,  Evaluate the area, and provide the options for you .