EV Charging Stations

If you’ve just purchased an electric vehicle or are planning to, and need advice on charging options, talk to an electrical expert at Green Volt Electric. With, a visit to you home, or by phone, we can advise and explain the best options based on your homes existing electrical setup and your average or daily commutes. There are three main levels of EV chargers – Levels 1 + 2 are home charging solutions, and Level 3 are public charging stations.

  • Level 1 Charger -Comes standard with most electric vehicles and is plugged into any normal 120-volt three-prong outlet. While the Level 1 charger requires no installation, it charges vehicle batteries very slowly. Level 1 EVSE chargers are best suited for overnight use and can take 20 hours or more to fully charge your car’s battery.
  • Level 2 Charger -This more advanced EVSE charger requires its own dedicated 240-volt circuit, which needs to be professionally installed in your garage or outside of your house. Level 2 chargers charge much faster, fully charging an EV in about three hours. A growing number of EV manufacturers are now including a Level 2 charger standard with each new car purchase.
  • Level 3 Charger [Public Chargers]-this is the standalone device you see at public charging stations. It can add 160 miles of driving range to an EV’s batteries in about half an hour (nice!). However, beyond being prohibitively expensive, they have an industrial-level power draw that makes them unavailable to homeowners. If you own or work at an industrial or commercial building, it is possible to have a Level 3 charger installed there.

Which type of EVSE charger is the right choice for you?

It depends on your driving habits. Many EV owners get by with plugging in their cars for an overnight charge. But frequent needs to charge and for those with longer daily commutes, having a Level 2 charger installed is a smart investment.

EVSE Charger Station Installation

When you contact Green Volt Electric for a quote or advise on having an EV charger installed – we will schedule a site visit to check your homes electrical panels and amperages and available space for new circuits and determine if a service and or panel upgrade is necessary. We will have you answer a few questions about your driving habits, amperage of current service and panels. Once charger is installed, we will assist with start-up of charger to verify equipment is functioning properly and charging at correct speed. Lastly, we will go over the EVSE information provided to customer on equipment features, correct usage, limitations, necessary maintenance, and warranty terms.

Protect Your Charger / Investment

At Green Volt Electric, we also recommend installing a whole home surge protector, to not only protect your charger, but all your appliances and devices in your home from surges from the utility, lightning, and any irregular voltages that could cause damage to these valuable devices and equipment.

Your EVESE Expert

With over 200 chargers installed to date, including businesses and apartment complexes, we are confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality of service to your home or business when it comes to the future of electrification Ready to get an estimate or book your EVSE charger installation for your electric vehicle? Request an appointment online or call us today at (919) 561-0170.

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